The Culture

Our vision is to create a selfless Früt-bearing community focused on providing a sustainable economy to those devoid of opportunity

Just like a tree that bears fruit: Früt's sole purpose is to bear fruit in the form of job creation. Every customer plays an integral part in our mission: they are the roots of our tree. Every root provides the nutrients necessary for us to bear the fruit. As our foundation, the roots (customers) are encouraged to bear Früt in their own life, constantly looking to serve those around them on a daily basis. In this way a culture will be created in which thousands, maybe millions will be living to further the lives of people less fortunate than themselves

Our motivation comes from the life of a man known as Jesus Christ. He was and is unlike any person to ever walk the earth. He lived solely for the purpose of teaching the world how to live a more fruitful life. He once told his followers that “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples” -John 15:8.  By bearing fruit, His followers show that they understand what it means to live a life like Jesus did, a life full of loving others more than oneself. To love someone goes beyond a feeling, it is the action of putting someone else first

This radical view on life is what Früt emulates and promotes